Rainmaker is the most advanced tool for growing your organization's impact.

Rainmaker App Preview

Accepting donations online just got super easy

Support dozens of payment methods - including credit card, ACH, and wire transfers - instantly. The donation process we've designed is truly beautiful. It incorporates over 100 researched best practices for collecting online contributions.

Features Included

  • Beautiful Design
  • Matching Grants
  • Membership Plans
  • Product Addon
  • International Giving
  • Thank You Gifting
  • Donation Receipts
  • Beautiful Design
  • Matching Grants
  • Membership Plans
  • Product Addon
  • International Giving
  • Thank You Gifting
  • Donation Receipts

Send high-conversion email campaigns in minutes

Rainmaker allows you to easily create, send, monitor and improve your email marketing efforts. With dozens of pre-built templates beautifully designed for nonprofit needs, the Rainmaker email engine makes email marketing a breeze.

Features Included

  • Dozens of Templates
  • Easy List Building
  • A/B Testing
  • Track Conversion
  • Beautiful Analytics
  • Social Integration
  • Send Time Optimization
  • List Segmentation
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Geolocation Targeting
  • Email Testing
  • Delivery by Time Zone
  • Merge Tags

Understand your supporters like never before.

Quickly access a complete view of each supporter’s activity, online and offline. Detailed supporter profiles enable timely support, accurate campaign targeting and actionable insights about supporter preferences.

Features Included

  • Supporter Profiles
  • Communication Preferences
  • Supporter History
  • Supporter Designations
  • Influencer Ratings
  • Activity Feed
  • In-line Support
  • Lead Ranking
  • Social Media Data
  • Set Follow-up Tasks

Powerful financial reporting at every level

Gain quick and powerful insights into the financial health and productivity of your organization’s digital fundraising efforts. Rainmaker makes it easy to find the data you need for all of your management, reporting and compliance needs.

Features Included

  • Import & Export Data
  • Manage Budgets
  • Multiple Bank Accounts
  • Generate Reports
  • Merge Tags
  • Earmark & Track Funds
  • Track Fees & Expenses
  • Trend Analytics

Automate customized messages across all channels.

Rainmaker’s campaign function works like magic. Simply build a timeline for cultivating leads, donors and supporters, and push play. Each time someone triggers the flow, without any human intervention, the system will respond with the appropriate series of communications.

Features Included

  • Email
  • Direct Mail
  • Text Messages
  • Direct to Voicemail
  • Social Media
  • Automated Workflows
  • Audience Segmentation
  • A/B Testing
  • Beautiful Analytics
  • Pre-built Campaigns

Be the smartest fundraiser in the world.

The Rainmaker Insights platform doesn’t simply tell you what’s going on, it suggests how to improve conversion and engagement. Take that, Google Analytics! Rainmaker collects and analyzes thousands of data points to deliver you only the most useful insights.

Features Included

  • Personal Profile Data
  • Data Manipulation
  • Recommendation Engine
  • Meta Data Evaluation
  • Custom Data Collection
  • Social Data Integration
  • Data Appending
  • Beautiful Dashboards
  • Geo-location Data
  • Website Analytics
  • Communication Analytics
  • Real-Time Analytics

How many new donors are you ignoring?

Rainmaker has the most powerful peer-to-peer fundraising tools on the market. Within minutes you can leverage your current database to start raising funds for your cause. The system then allows you to follow up with new donors and supporters differently than you do with your advocates.

Features Included

  • Personal Fundraising Pages
  • Simple User Management
  • Easy Sign Up Process
  • Control of Default Messages
  • Social Sharing Dashboard
  • Fundraising Thermometers
  • Event Fundraisers
  • Pre-built Follow Messages
  • Fundraiser Updates
  • User Discussion

Everything you need to build & manage a beautiful website

Whether you need simple pages, striking galleries, a blog, or campaign landing pages, it's all included with your Rainmaker CMS. Creating your website with Rainmaker is a simple, intuitive process. Just add and arrange your content and function anywhere you want with the click of a mouse.

Features Included

  • Full Featured Blog
  • Social Sharing Integration
  • Easy Admin Controls
  • Custom Landing Pages
  • Theming Library
  • Intuitive Developer Tools
  • Beautiful Pre-built Templates
  • Website Page Manager

Empower your fans to grow your cause.

With the Rainmaker Action Center, you can mobilize your fans and volunteers online and offline. From volunteering for a food drive to sending a tweet, you can organize and deploy volunteer resources to support your shared mission. You can also use the Points+Rewards function to further incentivize action and make volunteering both fulfilling and fun.

Features Included

  • User Action Dashboard
  • Add and Subtract Actions
  • Assign Points and Rewards
  • Track Offline Volunteerism
  • Volunteerism Analytics

Build Supporter Loyalty and Brand Awareness.

Got swag? We’ve got a store for it! Rainmaker Retail is the best way to integrate your physical product sales with the rest of your operational management. Rainmaker Retail allows you to build and deploy an online store, manage inventory and even integrate product sales into the donation process.

Features Included

  • Manage Online Store
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Shipping Label Generation
  • Address Verification
  • International Shipping
  • Shipping Cost Calculation
  • Complete Store Analytics
  • Multiple Shipping Carriers
  • Gift Cards + Discount Codes
  • Seamless Donation Add-on

If You Can Dream It, You Can Build It.

Rainmaker was built for developers. Once you get a chance to explore some of our introductory articles and take a glance through our API reference, you'll get the idea. We challenged ourselves to build all of our tools, including our widgets and administrative center, on the same API you have access to.

Features Included

  • REST API Reference
  • Intuitive Theming Syntax
  • Webhook Events
  • Unilimited Data Access
  • Extended HQ Functionality
  • Build and Sell Plugins
  • JavaScript API
  • Useful Technical Support